Zest Livestrong

I have done creative work for Anna Coe on a number of occasions, and she asked me to create some branding assets for her new training solution as lockdowns were easing, focusing on the peri to post menopausal woman. Her training is strongly nutrition and weight training, including CrossFit -based alongside a fun aspect with lots of meet-ups for walks, training sessions and ‘new’ activity outings.

Requirement: Anna wanted a strong but feminine look with some brightness and zesty zing as her training programmes and sessions are all about motivation, togetherness and allowing women to flourish and gain strength during midlife. She wanted branding that was distinct from the bright pinks and purples that she had used for many years as parts of her other training programmes.

Solution: We chose a palette of colours that worked well with her needs for now but that offer choice and variation for future programmes and developments, especially as her online training memberships evolve. They can also work alongside the former branding. As Anna was having a website made with another designer, I created the logo and branding assets. I set up Anna’s branding kit within her Canva account and also provided multiple social media templates in Canva, and some training and timetable templates in Word so that she can edit easily herself whenever she requires.

Result: Anna now has a set of brand assets and a variety of templates for many different uses that can develop and grow as this new part of her business goes from strength to strength (pun intended).