The Positive Birth Project

Katie James is a qualified hypnobirthing instructor based in Milton Keynes, who offers online and in person courses and sessions to help women (and their birth partners) prepare for birth, and also deal with any lingering thoughts that need processing afterwards or from previous birth experiences. Katie approached me because she already had branding and a Squarespace website set up, but had decided that she wanted to alter her branding coulours and reflect that through her website, and also had a number of integrations that she wanted to get sorted out to make life easier for her and her clients.


  • Change existing branding to new chosen colours and edit design assets to match.
  • Rebrand the website, addition of new pages and add in new images to reflect further the brand and editing of current content and layouts to improve flow around the website as a whole.
  • Integrate a scheduling system that could take payments for courses that run on multiple dates throughout the year.
  • Add branding and assets to Canva account for Katie to utilise to create her own images.
  • Create a set of Canva image templates for use on the website, for social media and for course sales pages.
  • Create a Canva presentation template for use on multiple courses.
  • Set up and add branding to a new email list provider.
  • Create a lead magnet and associated images and set up an automated lead magnet delivery and add associated sign up sections to the website with Katie’s new newsletter list provider.
  • Add initial level SEO to the whole website.

Solution: After our initial chat about the requirements we decided on which booking, payment and email newsletter providers would suit Katie best at this point, and I edited and added to the brand assets that she had, created a set of social media templates with lots of variations which she can edit in Canva. A presentation template that can be utilised in many different ways ties into the the branding and social media posts, which again can be edited fully in Canva. Katie has all her payments going through her Squarespace website or through her scheduling integration now, to make life easier.

Result: Katie now has a fully functioning site that allows her to get on with her work whilst people can select, pay and book in for courses without her having to email back and forth. She has a set of social media templates and presentation template and branding that can be used repeatedly to keep her brand on track, and she knows how to edit her website and all associated integrations as and when she needs to.