Nina Parnham

Nina Parnham had an existing website but wanted to reflect how her business and services have changed over recent years. She offers a vast array of treatments, courses, workshops, events and fitness classes and wanted a way that new clients could find out all of the information about these, but also that regular clients could quickly navigate and book/pay.

Nina was working under Suffolk Woman’s Wellness Centre, but wanted to show that she is a single entity rather than a large venue, so decided to swap to using

Requirement: To simplify the route that visitors to the site would take to reach the point where they could book and pay. To house the membership that Nina offers. To showcase the extensive range of services that Nina offers to women in the Suffolk area and online.

Solution: A WordPress website now houses the all new Nina Parnham information.

This is a complex website with a lot of powerful funcitonality that will allow Nina to show off all of the various services that she offers. It houses a membership site, and allows current and potential clients to find out all of the information that they require in one place. The site integrates with Nina’s existing booking and scheduling software.

Nina wanted to depart from the blue hues of her former branding and wanted a new look for her logo, but wanted also to keep her original papercut logo that she has used for many years. The original logo was edited and a new colour palette developed and Nina also has a large range of Canva templates to use across social media to advertise her services.

It was very important to Nina that she could send her clients to find all of the information that they need on the one site, so all of her upcoming event dates, membership, updating of health screening forms etc can all be accessed on the site.

Result: Nina’s fully responsive website is now housing all of the information from her retired site including her membership.