Mother Massage

Tanya James is a highly respected fitness and massage therapist based in Olney, Buckinghamshire.⠀In 2020 with the onset of Covid, she finally had time to take a breather in her business and think about a website revamp and to set up a membership site to hold all of the valuable content and classes that she creates on a daily basis for her clients.

Requirement: A full new website update including a shop area and a membership area to house courses and online classes. Associated images such as information pdf templates, video placeholder templates were also overhauled to give a fully cohesive look.

Solution: As Tanya’s site was already a WordPress site we worked on the colours that she loves, with the logo that she already had and a full set of professional photographs that she hadn’t been making full use of, to bring a really soft and nurturing feel to the site. Because Tanya offers so many varied services I encuraged her to switch to a fully online booking calendar and payment option integrated into the site rather than her favoured paper calendar. We tried many different ways of separating out the services, to streamline and allow new visitors and prior clients to purchase and book courses, treatments and classes as easily as possible.

Result:  Tanya has embraced the power of online booking and payments, and due to vast amount of content available throughout her membership and courses we are further working to streamline the membership offerings.  She now has a fully responsive, modern site that represents her fully and that she is proud to direct potential clients to.


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