Mairi Taylor

Mairi Taylor is an ever evolving and developing coach and mentor for women and her old website was becoming outdated by all of the changes in the offerings and services that she now encompasses. The website revamp has been on the cards for a number of years. Her old site was not a reflection of her and her personality, and the multiple aspects to her business, and in 2019 we had a chat about what she wated to do, and suddenly it was decided that she would step forwards as and truly be herself from now on.

I was given free rein to go and capture her colours and mix up all the different bits of her images. Mairi had fabulous professional photos taken and new logos created by various people that needed to be incorporated to bring out the new and improved Mairi in this website.

Requirement: Responsive website with many pages and to allow potential clients to find out all of the different services that Mairi offers. To be able to capture email addresses, gain specific information on client requirements, offer a lead magnet and house an ecommerce section to allow Mairi to sell her bracelets and also give details of her Doterra kits.

Solution: A website that shows off Mairi’s personality and wild woman-ness! We worked with the branding elements that Mairi already had for her logos, and we added complimentary graphics and the site is regularly updated with amazing photos from Mairi’s photographer.

Mairi utilises an online booking system to allow clients to book and pay for treatments, events, ceremonies and coaching to save time on emails back and forth and has a shop for her items to be displayed in.

Result: We regularly update the site when Mairi has new photoshoots done, and Mairi now can update her website herself and can add/change elements as required which she couldn’t do before. As Mairi’s work and services are ever changing and evolving the website holds plenty of scope for changes to suit in the future!

Mairi Taylor Website - Portfolio 2

Mairi Taylor Website - Portfolio 3

Mairi Taylor Website - Portfolio 4