Clare & Kate Retreat

Clare Teed Yoga and Kate Smart Fitness have combined forces to run a series of retreats in London. They both have established businesses in the area, but Clare Teed Yoga is going through a re-branding at the end of 2021 and Kate Smart Fitness has an established brand, so they needed something to temporarily blend both of their brandings for the retreat marketing.

Requirement: Webpage to collect payment and future prospect email addresses (to be housed on Kate Smart Fitness Online website) and a set of social media image templates that can be edited to reuse for future retreat dates.

Solution: To give a tranquil and calmly motivating effect I chose the teal from the Kate Smart Fitness branding and combined it with complementary colours to the Clare Teed Yoga palette and added elements to appeal to their client base.

Result: Clare and Kate’s first yoga retreat sold out and they have future retreats planned for 2021 and 2022, purely due to their hard work and expertise, but at least people could find them and have all the information in one place to make a payment. They are utilising their templates for social media posts for future dates.

Kate & Clare - Portfolio 1
Kate & Clare - Portfolio 2

So amazing to see what you came up with from our blended resources. Thank you.

Clare, Clare Teed Yoga

SO happy with it all Kate, and looking forward to the first day retreat with @Clareteedyoga xxx

Kate, Kate Smart Fitness