Calm Kind Happy

Ali Carrington and I created her combination website during lockdown (view portfolio here) to bring together the two sides to her business under one new Brand name. Two years on, and it was finally time to amalgamate and streamline the website and branding now that all of her clients have grown accustomed to the way her business flows.

Requirement: To simplify and combine the Reiki with Ali and the Speak Dog with Ali website into one calmer looking cohesive space with new overall branding. The course membership and e-commerce areas of the site to be updated aesthetically to match.

Solution: I created a new logo and branding for Calm Kind Happy bringing in the original colours and a good set of calm neutral, but solid, colours within the palette that would bring the original orange and original green together. Choosing a main font with a rounded and solid feel was important as Ali is a very knowledgable trainer who imparts a great amount of knowledge, but it needed to feel warm and welcoming with the rounded edges, alongside a simple body font.

The website was completely stripped back and only essentials returned, and Ali worked hard to remove any overly wordy copy so that we could keep all of the information on the pages of the site flowing simply and getting to the point quickly.

The design of the pages was kept as simple and clean as possible with more obvioius action buttons, a streamlined top and footer menu and more options held on the side menu.

Course membership and e-commerce pages were edited to match the new layout and new popup signup forms were added integrated to Ali’s mailing system. This was to prevent visitors to the site having to click off pages to enter information.

Dog Club Hub and Reiki Club Hub have been streamlined. We removed a lot of the images that were on the former sites so that people could focus on the main items on each of the pages.

Result: Ali now has a website that is fully responsive, her students can enrol and work through their courses online and the site will be much easier to maintain and update.