Hourly Work

My hourly work bookings are reserved for clients who I have worked on previous packages with.

I do this so that I can maximise the amount of work that can be accomplished within a short time-frame.

If you are new client, it may be best for us to arrange a quick consultation call to discuss your needs and I could point you in the direction of the most appropriate package that could fit your needs.

Hourly Work

Investment starts at £60

Hourly work tasks may include minor changes to your website, creating or altering social media templates for you to use in Canva, tweaking a lead magnet pdf or landing page and so on. 


1. Step One

Send me an email letting me know and outline of the problem, the edits or the design work you’d like completed. I will send you a form to fill in to collect all of the relevant information/images/links.

2. Step Two

I will let you know how long the problem/edits/design work willl take, the price, and on which day(s)/date(s) I can complete the work. I will then send you an invoice so that you can make a payment.

3. Step Three

Make your payment.  This secures the date in my diary to work for you.

1. Step Four

I will work on the problem/do the edits/complete the design work on the date stipulated, and send it back to you to review.

2. Step Five

Please request any further edits if necessary within the stipulated timeframe. (One round of edits is included in any hourly work).

3. Step Six

I complete edits and you’re all finished!