5 Essential Homepage Elements

I am always telling my clients that your website should be the hardest working employee in your business! They are there 24/7 like a helpful concierge service to get your potential client from one place to another and to take the action that you require them to take (get in touch, purchase a product, join your mailing list).

You only get to make a first impression once and your website homepage should convey everything that your brand is about and convince your audience that you are the right product/service for them straight away.

Take a few minutes today and do a bit of a homepage audit and let me know if your website includes these 5 essential elements?

Slide 1 - Authentic & aligned branding. You only have milliseconds to make a great first impression and that is why your business branding needs to be on point. Colour, fonts and layout are more than just stuff on a screen, they help you build trust and connect with your audience.
Slide 2 - A hero image & a hook. Make sure you use imagery that represents your ideal client to create an instant connection and include a short sentence (hook) that makes it clear who you are, who you work with and what you do quickly.
Slide 3 - Primary calls-to-action. The goal of your homepage is to encourage users to delve deeper into your website and learn more about your business. Calls-to-action will guide them on what to do next.
Slide 4 - Benefits/Solutions. You need to tell your audience clearly how your service/production will solve a problem they are currently experiencing. Make it crystal clear that you are the solution they are looking for.
Slide 5 - Social proof. Testimonials will help build trust with your audience. Also make sure you add a photo and name to your testimonials to build credibility.

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